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Extreme hair growth, to any length using onion juice

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extreme hair growth with onion juice

Hair Growth and Transformation with onion juice

hair transformation with onion juice
Hair transformation

Grow your hair beyond extremities with onion juice at ZERO COST

Onion Juice

onion juice for hair growth
Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Onion Juice has been recognized since decades for its properties in hair care as it contains major hair building properties such as Amino acid, a major bodybuilding protein

Onions are sulphur rich, sulphur builds up almost 75% of the hair in the presence of amino acids as a basic protein. The sulfur from onions also helps promote collagen production. Collagen, in turn, helps the production of healthy skin cells and hair growth. Applying onion juice to the hair and scalp could increase blood supply to hair follicles, which in turn improves hair growth.

 Using onion juice is extremely simple

Making onion juice in the right way

  • Get one or more onions peal then away it’s outer layer, slice into smaller forms then rinse in cool  and pure water
  • Pour cleanly sliced onion into a blender then blend for 5mins afterwards, pour the juice in a clean bowl

Applying onion juice to hair

  • Rinse hair with cool water, towel  dry a bit and leave the hair damped
  • Apply onion juice to hair with hands, Massage to scalp then cover with a shower cap and leave for 15-30mins (depending on the hair volume)
  • Ones its time, uncover hair and rinse out the juice

And finally, style hair with essential oil, (rosemary oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil or tea tree oil)

Repeat once daily till you’re satisfied with your hair length.

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